Ghost Town: Mercury Springs

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    West Bountiful, UT
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    Site: Mercury Springs
    Alternate Names: Cougar Spar Mine
    County, State: Beaver county, Utah
    Years of Occupation: 1870 – 1880’s
    Status of Site: Closed
    Classification: 2
    Type: Mining
    Remnants: Old cabins, mining relics
    GPS Coordinate: 38.2165 113.8406
    Date of Last Visit: April, 2015

    Located near the Cougar Spar mine in the Indian Peaks range, Mercury Springs was the main camp of the Washington mining district (later renamed to Indian Peak district). It boasted a post office, general store, blacksmith shop, boarding houses and many other structures. As of my last visit in April of '15, the entire area is now behind a secure, posted, locked gate.

    Directions to Get There:
    From Milford, head west ~39 miles and take a left onto the dirt Pine Valley Road, just after crossing Wah Wah Summit. After about 23 miles on Pine Valley Road, take a right (turn west) onto dirt road heading up to Noonday Mine. Mercury Springs/Cougar Spar Mine on left in about 10 more miles.
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