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ExpeditionUtah.com is continuing to grow and additional features are constantly being added and updated. With user input we have tailored the site to become one the for foremost resources on overland travel in the State of Utah. With that said we have a lot of growth to look forward too, including branching out to neighboring states (ie ExpeditionArizona, ExpeditionNevada, ExpeditionCalifornia, etc.). Long story short, growth costs money.

As the premise of ExpeditionUtah and sister sites is members contributing to the databases and wealth of information on the site, monetary donations will not gain you access to anything, rather they will continue to keep ExpeditionUtah ad and banner free as well as help continue our forward motion and expansion.

We are currently setup to accept donations in any amount to our PayPal account:paypal@expeditionutah.com

Thanks for your support and consideration!

Team ExpeditionUtah.Com


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Howdy !

I really don't LIKE PayPal & will gladly send you a $100.00 donation---if you will email me personally & give me a mail address to send the $$ to.

Email sent!

I can't even begin to tell you how cool this is of you to do :cool:

Some of the features I want to keep adding to ExpeditionUtah are more & more maps. I've got nearly a thousand maps in print and digital format that I am trying to get on the site. Hosting space will cost more for the digital stuff and converting the old paper maps to digital will cost too. I've got early AF Canyon Maps, Early Big and Little Cottonwood Maps (including mine working maps), Tintic, Henry Mtn mining, etc... all that need digital converting.

Thanks again for your help Floyd! :)