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New here, ready to get out!


My name is Tyler, I've been around the Utah car scene forever. I've owned and built quite a few Volkswagen and Audi cars and I work for a European performance parts and race engine manufacturer here in SLC as a Photographer / Graphic Designer / Media Manager.

On my off-time I love the outdoors. I'm a big hiker, backpacker, rock climber, etc... and spend as much time as I can outdoors. I have been adventuring out of a Audi A4 Avant (wagon) or my Audi TTS (lol). With my 95lb dog trail partner and all my climbing/packing gear as you can guess it just wasn't roomy enough. The car also just did not allow me to access places I always wanted to go.

It has been long overdue, but I finally dropped the wagon for a true adventure vehicle that will allow me to do just about anything now. It also opens up a lot of doors for more adventures. I would love to get into more off-roading. I grew up riding ATVs and motorcycles, but I would like to do more 4X4 trails. I'm also very excited to start doing some overland trips.

Like I said I'm a big backpacker and I love heading up into the Uintas to spend time in solitude far away. However, I have a wife who doesn't care much for camping with as little equipment as necessary and a son with Cerebral Palsy who just can't make that kind of trip. I really want to enjoy the outdoors with them more, so I want to use my new FJC to do some family car camping and whatnot.

Sorry if I'm getting long winded. 3 weeks ago I picked up this manual transmission FJ Cruiser. It was already outfitted with a OME lift and a great set of very impressive BFG Mud-Terrain Gen 2 tires. I had the chance to take it out for a day in 5 mile pass after purchasing it and had a serious blast. Very capable truck.

Coming from more luxury based euro cars, the FJC felt a little lacking on a few things. So the day after picking it up I added a Pioneer touch screen head unit so I could have bluetooth, nav,etc...

Knowing what I have planned for the truck, I picked up a few upgrades and got to work last weekend. First I wired in an traction control / ASC off switch as my FJC had no option to turn off. I also wired in my own fuse block for accessories and pre-wired flood light & light bar switches into factory blanks along with a couple USB chargers.

Then for more fun stuff, I just finished installing a Warrior Products front bumper with a Smittybuilt winch, fender flares, and 7" round LED Spyder 80W flood lights. I went with the dual round LEDs instead of a light bar as I like the way the look with the round headlights.

I have quite a few projects planned. I'm looking into building a rack to hang some MOLLE strap style gear bags inside the hatch and build my own slide-out gear drawers. I also want to build some securing panels in the back to hold my backpack or climbing gear securely while the dog is in the back. I'm also looking into different jerry can mounting solutions and car camping setups. I would love to eventually have a rooftop tent as well.

Excited to be part of Expedition Utah and get my new FJC out into some fun!
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Sorry for the large images, been a while since I posted into a forum. :rolleyes:
I fixed them.

Wow you really jumped in head first!! Looks like a fun rig. Welcome to the community
Yeah, its kind of how I do things. Not always a good thing haha, Just ask the wife. Glad to be here, excited to get into some expeditions!

Welcome to the ExpUt community!
Thank you! I'm looking forward to being out with others and learning a few things.


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Welcome. I am not able to see the pics, but by the description, sounds like a great rig!