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Things are seemingly rolling nicely here on ExpeditionUtah.com, I think we have worked out most of the bugs and permission issues and would now like some help inviting others.

Know someone who shares our fervor and addiction to Utah? Please invite them to join us!

We are working on a new landing page as we speak. I'm hoping this new landing page will really detail what ExpeditionUtah is about and either encourage or discourage members from joining, depending on their personal interest in our interests. As soon as that is done we will step up to some slightly more aggressive invitations, signature lines, stuff like that. In the meantime, invite a friend that you think would feel at home on EU.com

Bump, if you've got friends, family or traveling companions that you think would be a fit for the site, invite them! We welcome them all.


Help ExpeditionUtah grow! Our community of explorers is proving to be quite the resource for all experience levels and we could use some help continuing that tradition. ExpeditionUtah is a 100% member driven and member funded site

Ways you can help ExpeditionUtah:

  • Keep Contributing: Trip Reports, Book Reports, Route Advice, Trip Invites, they all help!
  • Stay active on the forum: Stop by when you can, participate in the threads, vote on article contests and let us know what we can do to improve the forum experience.
  • Attend our Summits: The ExpeditionUtah Summits not only offer you an opportunity to learn something new but also share some of your experience. If you would be interested in hosting a Summit or have a neat place you think the group would like to visit, please let us know.
  • Signature links: Put a hyperlink to ExpeditionUtah in the signature line of your profile on the various forums you visit.
  • Refer people to ExpeditionUtah: See someone looking for advice on a Southern Utah trip? Send them to our forum. Notice someone on one of the many forums looking for advice on planning a Kokopelli or Pony Express Trail trip? Show them how to find our Feature Trails.

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