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Intro to your vehicle!


Hi all,

FNG from Seattle. First got to visit Moab briefly in 1998, then passed through again in April 2015 for a trip to Canyonlands.

In August 2017 did a road trip to southwest Colorado (Tuelride, Ouray, Black Bear Pass, etc.) that included a side trip to Howenweep National Monument. What a cool place!

I am here on the EUT forum to learn more about adventure travel in your fair State. Thanks for having me along!



My rigs:

FJ40 a number of years ago on a trail run.

2007 Tacoma in Canyonlands.



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My problem is that I enjoy driving different types of vehicles about as much as I go exploring. Which makes me pretty much a "fan boy" of anything with a low-range transfer case that can mount at least 31" tires. I learned on a GMC Jimmy and CJ7, my family has had various TJs and now a JKU, I went through a couple of ZJ grand Cherokees, before settling in on a 99 Discovery 2 which I've kept for nearly 5 years (a record for me).

I've since added a Hummer H3 (despised that thing in low-range), and 'rolled the dice' on an L322 Range Rover which couples as my commuter. I decided to finally get rid of the H3 (Sorry GM, when one prefers off-roading a Range Rover on 19" rimmed Blizzak snow tires over a legitimate body-on-frame SUV with Cooper ATP E-rates, you have a problem). I traded it in on a Lexus LX470 to see what Toyota is all about (I always had a respect for the marque, and love wheeling with my cousin and his 5th Gen TRD-Pro 4Runner)

Anyway, everyone came for the pics:

ZJ Grand Cherokee: Been gone awhile, but this was my first introduction to a "locking center diff". Before, I only owned part-time 4wd vehicles, so 4wd was always 'locked'. The '94 Grand Cherokee did NOT have a center diff lock....we found this out on Golden Spike when ONLY the front wheel in the air spun. The other three were planted, but only the one in the air spun. Ugh. So it took spare tires AND pushing to get over the Golden Crack. The hatch is open because once it was opened to access the spare tire, the unibody tweaked and the hatch wouldn't close until we got off the obstacle. Lol.

99 Disco 2, This rig opened my eyes to Traction Control. I had an "old school" goal of swapping out the axles for HD shafts and ARB locked, lift it with maybe 35's. Then I installed the center diff lock shifter (it had a diff lock, but you couldn't turn it on....yeah, stupid right?) and actually wheeled it in Moab. Then I thought...maybe just true-tracs and 33's? Another year of Moab wheeling later and I'm convinced to leave it as is: OME lift and 31.6" tires.. Then again....maybe I can sell it for mod-money for the 100 series??

03 L322: Quite simply the BEST vehicle I've ever driven up to 4 rated trails. The thing is a surprising joy off-road. I was blown away. Even on crappy tires. A few major design flaws obviously makes this a poor choice for anything more difficult than stock-capability (or true overlanding), but if my cousin calls me up to explore the San Juans and I need to put hundreds of highway miles behind me? I take the Rangie, and I'm all grins behind the dash. It's a poor 'primary rig', but a great 2nd vehicle.

03 LX470: It's the new one. Untried. I hope to actually build this one up. The goal is to have it "bridge the gap" between easy-to-live in comforts of the Range Rover and the tough Camel-Trophy DNA of the Discovery.

I love the platform itself, but I gotta admit, I'm off on the wrong foot regarding 'Toyota Engineering'. I believe I have an unrealistic expectation of what 'Toyota Reliability' really is. We will see. Let's just say in 3 weeks of ownership the true "breakdown cost" of the 100-series is already significantly more $$ in less than 5,000 miles than BOTH my Land Rovers COMBINED (over 50,000 miles). So that's kind of a bummer.


rangie.jpg disco2.jpg lx470 (2).jpg


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IMG_2060.jpg IMG_2061.jpg IMG_2062.jpg IMG_2063.jpg

2018 GX460, pretty much stockish right now. I've only had it a few months but it's got a small suspension lift with Walker Bead Locks and KM2's. Tons of plastic body part cutting. It awaits some sliders/lockers/and a tire carrier but I don't think the overall appearance will change a whole lot

2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R--It has an Arrow header, arrow muffler, Rottweiler Intake, SAS delete, Velocity Stack, KTM skid plate, Heated Grips, Headlight guard, BRP vibration isolator/bar riser, IMS Rally Pegs, and tons of other stuff/luggage/gear that gets put on for long trips. It's my "get out and back quickly" mobile that's relatively good on gas. I've taken on a few long distance trips but it hasn't seen a lot miles this year since it saw so many last year. Blast to ride but my focus will be on the Lexus for a while I think.

I've been out on a couple outings with this group, primarily the FYTA events in either my 2008 Trail Teams FJ Cruiser or 2017 Tacoma Off-road with a small offroad trailer--both vehicles are gone now but the trailer still exists :)
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Overdue for an update. I still have three Land Cruisers in the hoard, have had a '96 Tacoma access cab (3RZ/5spd) to run around with and am building a '10 Tacoma Dual Cab Off-Road for trips.

Pic is in mid-build. It just got a suspension and within a couple weeks has a bunch more goodies lined up. Here's the state of it as of yesterday.