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Utah KJ

After a year long search to find the perfect example, I found a one owner 2007 WK (Grand Cherokee) CRD (Common Rail Diesel) in Sept 2016. What makes this particular vehicle special is 2007 & 2008 were the only years the Mercedes OM642 engine. Mine had only 60k miles on the clock.

Can you spot the expo in this pic?

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Utah KJ

Looks good Joseph. Future plans?

Tough call. It's a rare and desirable vehicle that's in near perfect condition. So do I want to treat this as an investment, or do I want to hardcore expo it?

What I've done so far is very minor. Rough Country spacer lift to clear the 32" tires. JBA UCA & belly skids. AEV EGR which allows calibration of speedo and stops the traction control from freaking out. Of course, I had to hook up the electrics

Super lift does make a 4" lift which requires cutting and welding for $2,800 and JBA makes a 6" fit like $10k.

OME makes some parts too, but then the Outfitters be all like whaa... I don't know Jeep parts.... whaa... Joseph's always looking for a deal... whaa... I'm all Jeep hatrz....

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2000 t4r

2000 Toyota 4 Runner 3 inch lift, sliders, TRD offroad package wheels w Falcon wildpeak AT3'S. More upgrades coming soon!



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Some of you from a couple years ago may have remembered seeing me in the Dually on the "Freeze Your Tail Off" trip. I had the only big truck and failed to air down from 80PSI. My kidney's are still out there somewhere.

But, I do wheel this thing regularly and it's an awesome offroad rig and very capable 4x4 (4x6?):

But, mostly I have 4x ATV's that I have ridden throughout the West, Idaho to Southern Nevada.



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Old, 2008 Rubicon, 6 speed, 3in lift, 37's and 4:88 gears.


New, 2017 4Runner TRD Off Road. It may not be the Jeep when off road but the ride getting there is so much better.


And then the RZR



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Some of my rides....

The wife's 2000 Toyota 100 series, bumper/winch/sliders/lift/rear bumper/ rack/ RTT/ named - "Ursa"

00 Land Cruiser - wifes ride.jpg

My 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F/larger tank/tuned/street legal/ yeah, it's wicked fast!

17 KTM 500exc.jpg

1978 FJ40, bought it from the original owner, original (mostly), small lift/bumpers front and rear/winch/Relic Run backup rig/ named - "The Colonel"

78 FJ40 - The Colonel.jpg

1979 Ford F150, Short Box/4WD/400ci V-8/auto/AC/cruise/ongoing money pit/ named - "Minty"

79 F150 resize.jpg

1976 Ford Bronco with Four Wheel Camper/Primary Relic Runner/pretty much original with some minor tweaks/ named - "Platypus"

camper bronco.jpg

Yeah, I have a vehicle addiction....anyone got a lead on a 12 step program?