Ghost Town: Indian Springs, Tooele County, Utah


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Site: Indian Springs
Alternate Names: Good Indian Springs, OK Mine
County, State: Tooele County, Utah
Years of Occupation: Late 1890's-1940's
Status of Site: Open, private property
Classification: Class 2 - Neglected Town
Type: Mining
Remnants: Several standing building and several fallen
GPS Coordinate:
39.982933° N, 112.728752° W
Date of Last Visit: Jan 12, 2018

This small mining camp rests at the northern end of the Simpson Mountains. As the same implies, springs exist near the townsite providing a year round water source. It's rumored this canyon was once part of the Overland Stage Route, which simply wouldn't make much sense as Simpson Springs to the north was a far more direct route and also had know water. Mining in the 1890's brought miners and merchants to the canyon. Town is said to have consisted of several boarding houses, a store and a saloon in addition to several private cabins and mines. The largest producing mine in the area was the OK Mine, a silver mine part of the Erickson Mining District. Other mines include the Keystone-Brooklyn Mine, Indian Cheif & Silver Reef Mine.


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Silver Reef Mine workings map (~1957)
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