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Copyright Information: Please respect all copyrights, if you post any material first make sure it is OK with the original author, artist, etc and second make sure to give full credit where due. This goes for information posted on as well as information posted elsewhere.

Cross-Posting and Copy/Pasting Information:
Please ask for permission before posting information from to other forums and websites. The idea behind is a user-contributed database, copy and pasting information from does not promote the idea. There will be zero tolerance for what we consider theft of intellectual properties. Information posted on IS NOT public domain, if you can't agree to these terms don't be a member. Keep in mind that many of the sites, places and trails displayed here on are secluded and "off the beaten path". Lets do our best to keep it that way by being cautious about the places you do post information and links too!

Private Messaging:
Please consider starting a thread rather than private messaging for trip information, route details, etc. Not only will you get a wider variety of responses but others will be able to learn from both your question and the subsequent answers as well. Use private messages for those discussions not appropriate for the general forum or off-topic. Do not use private messaging for unsolicited commercial nature or harassing discussions of any kind.

Please keep all language and topics to a PG level, please don't test the limits. plays host to a variety of users from all walks of life, consider your language and wording accordingly.

Member Activity: At some point membership activity will be enforced, we don't have a set criteria as of yet but those that have logged in once and never again will likely be pruned to start with. We are far more concerned with having an active forum than with high membership numbers.

Failure to Comply: Members who fail to comply with the rules and policies are subject to temporary or permanent bans from the forum. reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

More Coming Soon, In the meantime... behave!
Not open for further replies.