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Good Morning Campers!

This is the official kick-off thread for this year’s Relic Run trip. We have completed the pre-run and believe we have a fun experience laid out for you. Below, you’ll find a quick synopsis of the run. Keeping with the alternating year format, this run will be a ‘rolling’ one, which means we will be setting up camp each night and breaking it down each morning. We have learned from past years and will keep the overall “time behind the wheel” to a reasonable one to allow for camp set up/take down at a leisurely pace. We hope this will maximize the time “around the campfire”. The trip will start in Rock Springs, Wyoming and head south. It will end with the option to go back to Rock Springs or to head south to the Unitas and Vernal, Utah. We will experience a variety of terrain from smooth beaches, to high alpine terrain, to juniper forests reminiscent of the Moab area. Most of the driving will be on easy gravel/graded roads however Saturday will add a little challenging driving with a chance to lock your hubs and get your rig dirty ( and possibly scratched). The trail we picked is tight in spots as it crosses some dry washes that can be a bit twisty once in them. It will be especially challenging for those of us with full-size rigs or towing a trailer. I will be bringing my ‘73 F250 and plan to use a spotter in places if that eases anyone’s fears. The rest of the trip will follow the usual RR format of a Thursday night 70’s themed hors doeuvers filled meet and greet, a Friday night pot luck, and Saturday dinner suppplied by ExUt. We will of course have the BB gun shoot, hopefully a movie night, and a few other ‘surprises’. Remember, your rig has to be built in 1989 or older. We ask that you leave all the new technology home and try to immerse yourself in a time gone by. We will cap the vehicle limit at 20 rigs this year. Feel free to post up any questions or concerns you might have. You can also pm me. I think over the next few weeks we will get the signups going and also pass out a more detailed list of what to expect.

As for Covid-19 concerns...we ask that if you are sick or feeling ill, please stay home. We will promote social distancing as best as we can along with mask usage, hand washing and proper hygiene. We are all adults and believe in taking personal responsibility with regards to health. With all that being said, we do reserve the right to cancel/postpone the event if conditions warrant.

Hope you are all like me and ready to see old friends, meet new ones, and enjoy the finest in vintage off-roading!

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    Mar 15, 2020
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