Ghost Town: Sliver Reef

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    South Jordan
    Site: Silver Reef
    Alternate Names: Bonanza City, Rockpile
    County, State: Washington County, Ut
    Years of Occupation: 1875-1884
    Status of Site: Open
    Classification: 5A-Historic Town
    Type: Mining
    Remnants: There is a restored museum and gift shop, along with some building remnants, and a cemetery.

    Site history:
    Silver Reef was discovered between 1866 and 1870 (There are many different stories about the founding of this town) However in 1874 a man named William T Barbee is credited with getting the mining going. In 1875 he had 21 claims. In 1876 Silver Reef became an established town. Main street was over a mile long. Silver Reef had over 2000 people living here. There were hotels, 9 stores, 6 saloons, a bank, several restaurant, a hospital, 2 dance halls, 2 news papers, a china town and 3 cemeteries. In 1891 the last mine shut down, about 25 million dollars worth of ore had been taken from the mines here. Between 1891 and 1901 another $250,000 of ore was taken out of the area. The old Wells Fargo Express office is on the National Historical Register and is now a museum. The old bank is now a gift shop

    Further Reading:,_Utah

    Directions to Get There:
    Take EXIT 22 toward UT-228 S/Leeds.
    Follow .7 miles, turn left onto Silver Reef Road.
    Follow .4 miles, Silver Reef Rd becomes Oak Grove Rd.
    Turn left on Silver Reef Drive (just past Juniper Way; if you reach High Desert Rd, you’ve gone too far.)
    Turn right on Wells Fargo Road.

    We will be visiting this town next week, and will provide fresh photos.

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