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    ExpeditionUtah encourages and appreciates all of your submissions. Along with our partners, we would love to see this database of sites become the premier collection of ghost town information, site visits and pictures. Please help us expand our collection by adding your information.

    Please submit your contributions with the following header information:

    Site: Sample
    Alternate Names: Sample or N/A
    County, State: County, State
    Years of Occupation: 1999
    Status of Site: Open or Closed
    Classification: Choose best fit from this guide
    Type: Choose best fit from this guide
    Remnants: One sentence description of site contents.
    GPS Coordinate: DD.ddd° N, DD.ddd° W (or your preferred coordinate system)
    NRHP Reference#: If applicable
    Date of Last Visit: July 4th, 1776

    Please include the following body information:

    Site history
    Site status and condition

    Further Reading:

    Directions to Get There:

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

    What if the site I just visited already has a dedicated page?

    Simple, add your pictures and report to the page. If there is an error to the heading information (name, location, classification, type, etc.), please make note and we will correct the heading.

    What information should my report contain?
    As much information as you can collect but don't feel like there is any minimum, we want to catalog all the sites and we as a community can continue to fill in the blanks with reports and pictures as time allows. Ideally each site report will have complete header information (sample above), 2-3 paragraphs about the sites history and current status and 3-4 pictures that accurately portray the site and its current condition. Additionally, the best route to visit the site and any outside references such as books or web links would be a bonus for other visitors planning a trip.

    If you have any further questions, please ask here.
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