Ghost Town: Aragonite, Tooele County, Utah

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    Site: Aragonite
    Alternate Names: N/A
    County, State: Tooele, Utah
    Years of Occupation: ?
    Status of Site: Open
    Classification: Class 2 - Neglected Town
    Type: Mining
    Remnants: Bunkhouse remains and a smaller building.
    GPS Coordinate: DD.ddd° N, DD.ddd° W
    Date of Last Visit:

    Aragonite was established in the early 1900s as a mining site for the mineral aragonite, which was used as a decorative stone in building. The town was abandoned after a short time. In it's day it was extremely remote so buildings were built to house the workers. It's not so much a town as a bunkhouse and another smaller building.

    Directions: I-80 exit 56 to Aragonite. Proceed south on the paved road for about 2.8 miles. Just before the Saftey-Kleen facility, there is a dirt road heading east to the mountains. About 3.6 miles up the road, you will see the remains of the old bunkhouse.
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