Expedition Utah is Stoked to Announce Retro Ramble: Part I


Expedition Utah is stoked to announce Retro Ramble: Part I The Retro Ramble is a totally radical way to get out and explore Utah’s epic backcountry with some of your most tubular friends. I know, I know; you’re like, “But

West Desert Wanderings

2014 West Desert Wanderings

Thank you Stephen for leading us out for a couple days in the desert! Your knowledge of the area made it a terrific learning experience for us! I think it’s safe to say that a very good time was had

Quick -n- Dirty


Saturday evening Micah, Kurt, Jakester and I met up at the Chevron in Lehi/Saratoga Springs/Wherever Sprawlburbia with the intention to blast out along the PET for the evening. After talking Micah out of buying some Swisher Sweets, we headed out

Glen Canyon Off-road Vehicle Management Plan Comments Due!

U4 hosted a great letter writing party the other night for the Glen Canyon Off-road Vehicle Management Plan! For those that made it, I hope you had a great time and had plenty of pizza, please don’t forget to send

2014 Wasatch Cruisers Dunes Run


I was fortunate enough to tag along with the Wasatch Cruisers for their annual Little Sahara Dunes run today. The Wasatch Cruisers always put on a top notch event, and this was no exception. A group of us met up

Expedition Utah Quarterly Trail Ride: Pony Express Trail


What: Expedition Utah would like to invite you to join us for the first Quarterly Trail Ride of 2014! For this QTR we were inspired by the discussion about the rock houses found by Simpson Springs along the Pony Express

Merry Christmas!

Mike B Merry Christmas

Photo courtesy of Mike Bradshaw

Freeze Your Tail Off V


11/20/13 UPDATE: The event is now full, please post on the forum thread if you would like to be added to the waiting list. What: Expedition Utah would like to invite you to join us for our annual Freeze Your

Clean Relic Runner – 1971 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ55


As we head into the doldrums of winter, many of you are probably getting ready to do some work on your Relic Runners or Retro Ramblers sitting in the garage. Or maybe, you’re surfing the internet looking for a new

[Trip Report] Relic Run V

Thank you for EVERYONE who came out and made Relic Run V a great success! We had Max make this awesome video: Check out the official thread on Expedition Utah to see tons of great pictures and hear about everyones

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